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Hello and welcome! We’re Jake and Nick (and Nika and Velocity). A couple of slightly nerdy not so regular guys who believe in living life as a continuous string of adventures. From simply working a project around the house, to epic road trips, and everything in between. It’s all part of the adventure of life.

2015-06-13_221512956_BBAB6_iOSI’m Jake. I have been a massage therapist since January 2008. I enjoy¬†anything with an engine, especially cars and boats, and working on those things. I’m an avid home cook, with a passion for good food and good wine. (just because it’s in a box, doesn’t mean it’s not good) I love gadgets, electronics and audio video. My family thinks I’m the techno guy. (Nick is the real techy here) Anything that’s creative or something I can do with my hands is right up my alley. I can’t live without the people I’m close to and a connection to nature. I have to see green and water on a regular basis. I believe in slowing down and taking everything in. Adventures don’t have to be fast paced.

2015-09-22_180337431_E636D_iOSThis is Nika. She is a 6 year old bos-huahua. Boston terrier and chihuahua mix. Also known as Piga…she got the “huahua” snout but the “bos-” sinuses. She’s crazy smart, and has about the best personality you could want. Very human-ish.
We’re not convinced she’s unrelated to that pug from MIB…..

This is Velocity. She is 12 years old, and still spry and crazy as ever. 2014-02-10_190738939_38C3E_iOSJake got her from a Texas based breeder who happened to be at the Tampa home show -of all places- way back in 2004. For anybody who doesn’t know, she’s a Sugar Glider. Nocturnal, marsupial and indigenous to New Zealand. Her favorite foods are avacado, cheese, and anything sweet.